Coach Stephanie

how it began

My love for working out started when I joined a local gym in my home town of Laredo, TX in 2000. After a couple of years of weight training, I was encouraged to do an NPC Body Building competition in the Figure category where I humbly placed 2nd in my class. This opened up my heart to what I hold as my passion after learning what kind of discipline and balance was required for true transformation. Learning the importance of Nutrition & Fitness as a unit was a call for a lifestyle change and I was eager to spread the perspective of health as wealth.

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Above: Fun fact, one of my favorite fundamental lifts is the sumo deadlift. 

My evolution

Post graduation from Texas A&M International with a degree in Early Education, I moved to San Antonio, TX to begin a new chapter which led me to meeting my now husband as we built the vision of opening a CrossFit facility. During this endeavor, I earned my CrossFit Level 1 and Olympic Lifting Certification as I was excited to explore coaching. Group teaching quickly taught me the variation of athlete's goals so I began Personal Training for a more direct approach. The first year of individual training and nutritional guidance efforts evolved into a group of male/female athletes looking to compete in the NPC. This was the start of Team R.A.W. as we strived to Rise Above Weakness... and that we did! Collectively, the team brought home trophies and served as one of the most rewarding achievements; the sense of pride I had for those athletes was heart filling.


After my 10+ years of experience, in combination with competition, nutrition, personal training, and coaching CrossFit; I am still advancing as a coach and athlete. Today I continue with desire to assist and influence individuals to reaching a physical potential through milestones whether its losing weight, shaping their physique, or gaining strength. Through my dedication, I am hopeful to aspire people to Rise Above Weakness!

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