Coach Gina

Attention to Signs

Let me be honest, my first twenty years of life were spent living an extremely sluggish existence. My active lifestyle did not begin until after I graduated from college. It was during my first year as a kindergarten teacher that I realized, I felt lethargic all the time. My pants fit too tight, and my entire figure was changing. I knew I had to begin to pay attention to the signs my body was giving me. That summer I signed up for my first half marathon and fell in love with running. I saw how my body responded to different foods, and time outdoors and in the gym. Since crossing that first finish line, I have run 5 full marathons and 11 half marathons.  This drove me to pursue new goals that were also outside of my usual “comfort zone”. This constant search for a mental and physical challenge led me to Stephanie. With her guidance I have now completed 3 NPC bodybuilding competitions in the bikini category, placing 1st in my class at the Lackland Classic.

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Above: Outdoor activity is by far my favorite way to exercise.


I found that I especially enjoyed finding ways to share my love for fitness with others. I undertook a new journey as a Body Pump instructor at Golds Gym. I loved the community in each class, as we pushed each other through every track, and I found so much joy in helping others through their own fitness experiences. Today I continue looking for ways to grow mentally and physically, and have found so much appreciation in helping others achieve their potential and goals.

RAW Coacg Gina Race
RAW Coach Gina Competition 1st place

Above: 2016 Rock N Roll Half Marathon in New Orleans.

Above: 2015 San Antonio Lackland Classic 

Bikini Class A 1st Place.