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Gina & Stephanie

Updated: Dec 25, 2017

Here to serve as motivation through our experiences... WELCOME!

Is there someone in your life who motivates you? Gina and I both serve as motivation for each other in fitness goals and to overall be better human beings. This blog is a way to allow a sneak peak into our lives to perhaps serve as motivation or gain knowledge.

“Try not to become a person of success, but rather try and become a person of value.” - Albert Einstein

It's important to not only seek gains from those around you, but to serve as a value to others in return. Lend a hand to others whom you are capable of helping and the return will be grand!

Stephanie's Insight: Circle of Influence

Creating an environment that enriches you means considering who and what you chose to associate yourself with for growth. Those you choose to connect with have an impact on your decisions, motivation, and even behavior. Choose companions or allies who bring the best out of you and bring value to others with your skills to serve for good.

I find myself listening to those looking to express themselves as a means of an "open ear", as well as give assistance through fitness. Planting the seed of motivational guidance through fitness & nutrition is by far my favorite thing as I find reward watching others bloom from their hard work and dedication.

Sometimes all it takes is someone believing in you and it sets that spark to get you to the next level. These things I find most fulfilling... it's how I give value to those around me. Who is in your circle of influence and what are you doing to be a good asset to those around you?

Gina’s Two Cents: Life Support

When I began my training for my first NPC competition, one of the first questions Stephanie asked me was if I had people that would support me. Of course I replied yes. Only after the experience did I truly understand the importance of her question.

There are people that will say they support you, but when your priorities shift from drinking and nights out to eating clean and exercising, the support disappears. You may experience guilt trips, or people questioning your motives. You come to the conclusion that not everyone will be your cheerleader. Not everyone will understand when your focus shifts to your own health and wellness.

Understanding the importance of your “circle”, made me also understand the type of person and friend I want to be, and the type of value that I want to bring to my friend’s lives. I strive to be an uplifting presence in the lives of others, and always offer my unconditional support, and I now only accept the same in my loved ones.

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