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Goal Setting

I am a self proclaimed Goal Setter. I enjoy finding new ways to challenge myself. I love opportunities to prove to myself what I’m capable of. Although this sounds like a good quality, what typically ends up happening is this:

1. Set Goal with Specific time frame (Lets think running a fast 5K or 10K)

2. Make plan on how to achieve goal

3. Follow through with PART of the plan

4. Follow through with less of the plan

5. Panic and feel guilty because deadline is approaching for Goal

6. Reach goal deadline- Achieve (and sometimes don’t achieve) Goal but wonder how well I could have done if I had REALLY been all in.

7. Think… Now what? Then set new goal and repeat.

As I reflected, I began to question which part of this cycle holds the true value and importance: Getting to the goal? Or The process it takes to get to the goal? In listening to a talk by author/ motivational speaker, Preston Smiles, these words struck me: “The beauty is in the dance.”

This made me think about many of my past goals and about what made them meaningful experiences. When I competed in an NPC competition, I was literally on stage for less than 60 seconds, yet it took almost 4 months of prep to be ready for those few seconds. The beauty was in the dance: the shift in mindset, nutrition, mentality, and willpower that it took to get there. Even now as I am in my first year at a new position at work, I feel as though I’m struggling to get to my career goals. Instead of focusing on the struggle, it feels much more hopeful to honor it as a process, a “dance”. This idea could apply to any goal: weight loss goals, fitness goals, career goals. Perhaps we shouldn’t be in such a hurry to get to the end goal, and instead trust, honor, and enjoy the process it takes to get there.

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